Revista de Investigación de la Cátedra Internacional conjunta Inocencio III

Periodicidad semestral ISSN: 2445-2394; D.L.: MU-335-2016

Año 2016 - Número 2
19 - 46

The pastoral care of the ethnic groups, giving
special attention to their languages

S. Em. Péter Erdő

47 - 83

The canonical contribution to the safeguard of peace in the
Middle Ages: The Fourth Council of Lateran (1215)

Aniceto Masferrer

85 - 97

Innocent III, Peter of Benevento and the
history of Spain

Damian J. Smith

99 - 130

The Fourth Council of Lateran as the medieval
paradigm of the practice of the tria munera

Javier Belda Iniesta

131 - 173

Innocent III (1198-1216) and the universitas
studiorum [1203 → 1917/1983/1990]

Fernando Betancourt–Serna

175 - 199

“Innocent III (1198-1216) and the Old Testament: politics and exegesis
in the liberatio domini papae innocentii super facto imperii de tribus electis”

Albert Bat-Sheva

201 - 234

The Roman Pontifex as the supreme judge in the quaestionibus fidei in
view of the decretal Maiores of Innocent III

235 - 247

Marriage in the Castilian Territorial Law and the
regulation of Pope Innocent III

Pablo José Abascal Monedero

249 - 271

Innocent III between law and society: customs, scandals and
the popular consent

Raffaella Bianchi Riva

273 - 292

“Omne, quod non est ex fide, peccatum est”: the relevance of
good faith in canonical transactio

Sara Parini Vincenti

293 - 308

Inquisitio, fama, evidentia: the contribution of Innocent III to
the theory of the notoriety of the crime

Laura Gutiérrez Masson

309 - 330

Dietrich I von Mörs (1226-1262). Paradigmatic example of the new
medieval German nobility after the era of Innocent III

Miguel Pablo Sancho Gómez

331 - 342

Means of access and use of power
in Byzantium

Francesca Galgano

343 - 350

The jus exigendi in the papacy of Innocent III

Simone Rosati