Revista de Investigación de la Cátedra Internacional conjunta Inocencio III

Periodicidad semestral ISSN: 2445-2394; D.L.: MU-335-2016

Año 2016 - Número 3
19 - 58

Innocent III, the Fourth Council of Lateran and the juridical status of the heretic in the ordinary glossary of the Decretum Gratiani and the one of Accursio, to the Justinian Code

Ruggero Maceratini

59 - 77

Notes about the limitations imposed to the ecclesiastics and their regime of life according to the Fourth Council of Lateran: hunt, banquets, entertainment

José Antonio Martínez Vela

79 - 100

The establishment of the College of Cardinals between the eleventh and the thirteenth century

Anna Sammassimo

101 - 143

The other side of the “Protestant Reformation”: the papacy in the context of the Luteran Schism

Domenico Bilotti

144 - 169

The contribution of Innocent III to the construction of the occidental juridical culture; especially in relation with the famous principle «Rei publicae interest ne crimina remaneant impunita»

Cesare Edoardo Varalda

173 - 192

Confession and sacramental century in the Fourth Council of Lateran: from the regulations to the doctrinal reflection

Daniela Tarantino

193 - 220

Reading of the letters of Pliny about three trials against Roman magistrates

Natalia Stringini

221 - 245

The intervention of Innocent III in the matrimonial politics of Philip Augustus of France and of Alfonso IX of León

Laura García Durán

246 - 268

History, meaning and social and juridical usefulness of the adrogatio and the adoptio in Rome

Adolfo A. Díaz-Bautista Cremades & Manuel Baelo Álvarez

269 - 315

Innocent III (1198-1216) and the universitas studiorum [1203 → 1917/1983/1990] (II)

Fernando Betancourt–Serna