Revista de Investigación de la Cátedra Internacional conjunta Inocencio III

Periodicidad semestral ISSN: 2445-2394; D.L.: MU-335-2016

Año 2017 - Número 4
21 - 38

“Lovingkindness and truth have met together; Righteousness and peace have kissed each other.”
(Ps 84,11) The Christian novitas of the reconciliation

Bernard Ardura

39 - 56

The concept of iustitia for the
Roman jurists

Armando Torrent

57 - 76

Julian the Apostate and the episcopalis audientia

Francisco Cuena Boy

77 - 106

The woman judge, Innocent III and the system of average Law

Giovanni Minnucci

107 - 133

Some aspects of the historical Penal
Law in Spain

Carlos Merchan

135 - 163

Religion and law in the Western Sephardi community: some
remarks from the case of Livorno during the Early Modern Period

Mauricio Dimant

167 - 177

De testibus tractaturi: a late twelfth-century
Italian canonistic treatise on legal procedure

Bruce C. Brasington

179 - 210

Insulgentia principis and emenda: aspects of the
criminal politics of the Roman Empire between the fourth and the sixth century A.D.

Francesco Fasolino

211 - 231

From the listening to the forgiving. Notes about the role of the confessor as a curatus medicus animarum in the Canonical regulations and in the doctrinal reflection

Daniela Tarantino

233 - 231

The end of the lawsuit because of the agreement of the two parties according to title XXXVI of book I, de transactionibus, of the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX

Carmen Lázaro Guillamón

245 - 265

Oikonomia and divorce in Orthodox Canon Law:
the merciful application of the law

Enrica Martinelli

267 - 295

To remedy evil with good. Justice and forgiveness of the victim in the age of the Counter-Reformation: between restitutio, satisfactio-satispassio and potestas in se ipsum

Maria Sole Testuzza

297 - 324

Some particularities concerning the influence of mercy and
humanity in Roman sources

José Luís Zamora Manzano

325 - 346

The principle of equity to the test of the exercise of jurisdiction
(a “different” certainty)

Antonio Iaccarino

347 - 381

The ordo iudicarius and the verba diminuentia
iuris ordinem

José Neftalí Nicolás García