Revista de Investigación de la Cátedra Internacional conjunta Inocencio III

Periodicidad semestral ISSN: 2445-2394; D.L.: MU-335-2016

Año 2017 - Número 5
21 - 30


S. Em. Giuseppe Versaldi

31 - 51

From the monasterium clericorum to the studia generalia.
The catholic education in the ius antiquum

Javier Belda Iniesta

53 - 60

The contribution of Theology to the organisation of the ius publicum
ecclesiasticum: historical and legal reflections

61 - 79

Mercy and justice in Alger of Liège and Gratian

Ruggero Maceratini

81 - 111

Theology and Canon Law: initial clarifications on the basis
of the “law”

113 - 129

Is (also) Magna Carta an ecclesiastical document? The preeminent
role of the Church in the development of English legal system

Lorenzo Cavalaglio

133 - 170

Justice, punishment and mercy in the institution of marriage
in Roman law

Paolo.G. Maria Lobiati

171 - 183

Analysis of two cases of urban standards in Rome for
the protection of public works

Luis Miguel García Lozano

185 - 219

The judge and mercy. Reflections on the administration of justice
in classical Canon Law

Raffaella Bianchi Riva

221 - 239

Ecclesiastical justice in the sixteenth century

241 - 260

Clericus recidivans ad concubinatum divinae misericordiae dicitur irrisor.
Brief remarks on the ‘relapse’ into ecclesiastical concubinage leading up to the Council of Trent

Stefania T. Salvi

261 - 299

Justice in the Middle Ages: the survival of inquisitorial principles and free
production of evidence principles

José Miguel Piquer Marí